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Experience a stress-free move with U-Haul rental

When you want your move to be stress-free, why not do it yourself with U-Haul rental from Action Towing & Auto Repair? We have a wide selection of the U-Haul truck and trailer sizes you need. Contact us today to learn more or to reserve your U-Haul!

A variety of truck sizes to

meet your needs

•  26-foot trucks

•  24-foot trucks

•  20-foot truck

•  17-foot trucks

•  14-foot trucks

•  10-foot trucks

•  6x12 trailers

•  5x8 trailers

•  4x8 trailers

You can travel locally or out-of-town with your U-Haul. We offer great daily rates, including $19.95 for smaller trucks, $29.95 for medium trucks, and $39.95 for large trucks.

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Want to save on your U-Haul rental? When you contact us to reserve your rental or contact us for other services, you'll get 10% OFF your bill. This special does not include vehicle storage.